It shouldn't be an act of defiance

February 25, 2017

It shouldn’t be an act of defiance to expect brazen sexual harassment and discrimination will result in consequences for its perpetrators.

Now a collective will organize minions to scour our past lives, public and private, to ensure that victims never forget they are victims and never stop being victimized.

It shouldn’t be an act of defiance to express concern about the impacts of the extremely wealthy funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into a private corporation whose core business practice involves brazenly breaking the law until they change the law.

Now we see that a corporate culture built on Machiavellian strategy is toxic toward women, accepting and encouraging flagrantly violating the rules and the law provided that “high performance” is achieved.

It shouldn’t be an act of defiance to classify a series of websites that create fictional content designed to look like news journalism and to spread rapidly and ignite tempers “fake news” It shouldn’t be an act of defiance to question whether a citizenry bombarded with this content and without the tools to quickly assess its veracity can be well-informed participants in democracy.

Yet now the most powerful individual in the free world is calling long standing institutions of the Fourth Estate “fake news” because he doesn’t like what they say.