A Gateway Drug to purrr

December 29, 2016
A lot of the data I work with uses numeric codes rather than text to describe features of each record. For example, financial data often has a fund code that represents the account’s source of dollars and an object code that signals what is bought (e.g. salaries, benefits, supplies). This is a little like the factor data type in R, which to the frustration of many modern analysts is internally an integer that mapped to a character label (which is a level) with a fixed number of possible values.
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Introducing json.blog

December 28, 2016
I have written a lot on the internet. This isn’t a surprise, I’ve been here since the mid-90s. But the truth is, most of what I write on the internet doesn’t make me proud. It hasn’t made the world any better. It certainly hasn’t made me feel any better. Most of this terrible writing is easy to associate with me, because a long time ago, I chose to use my real name as my online identity.
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Our New Home

December 11, 2016

A Strange Occurrence

November 26, 2016

Songs in the Key of Allovue

July 09, 2016
When I entered high school, video games were beginning to lose their appeal. So I sold my four video game systems and all their games at a garage sale and that money, plus some Chanukkah money, bought me my first guitar and amp. I had just tried joined a band as a singer with a couple of guys I knew from school. I didn’t know anything about playing guitar. In fact, it took me a while to figure out what distortion was and why I my guitar didn’t sound like Kris Roe from The Ataris.
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