September 25, 2021

I thought there was no way I’d notice the higher refresh rate on the iPhone 13 Pro. I don’t notice it at all on my iPad Pro, so I really didn’t think it’s a big deal. But it’s quite noticeable on the smaller screen. I think I like it, but I absolutely can understand why some people will turn this off. There’s a bit of an uncanny valley effect, not unlike high frame rate video.

Do I think this is worth buying a phone for? No. Do I think I’d notice it after a couple of days? Probably not. I bet I could switch back to a phone without the higher refresh rate and not notice it. But the difference is real, noticeable, and nice.

September 24, 2021

September 22, 2021

I’m feeling pretty disillusioned about having an impact and now feel like I’m just aiming for “not making things worse”, “my family is comfortable and happy”, and “sometimes I get to feel like I was good at something challenging.”

Of course I do think the work I do can have a huge impact. I truly hope it does. I’m not sure I’d ever be able to feel that impact. I’m just too distant from it. And I don’t think I have the energy or talent to do more direct impact on top of the day job.

September 21, 2021

Because I’m a product manager, I try really hard to understand how people use software and devices. It’s important that I practice empathy and understanding, even outside of the products I work on.

But boy, I do not understand Apple-geek obsession with time tracking.

One thing I’d like to see companies do that they never will– sync/import/export of chat history and data between apps and services. I want the ability to import Signal into iMessage history or vice versa, for example.

I don’t think I’ll ever perform it, but I’ve been slowly building my acoustic set list for years. I’m up to 14 tracks I’m pretty confident won’t be going anywhere.

September 20, 2021

September 18, 2021

I probably get more compliments on my $60 microphone and $90 boom arm than anything else in my life, so naturally I’m thinking about buying a $300 microphone I absolutely do not need.

These may just look like oysters shared with a friend, but actually they represent a small restoration of myself.

16 oysters laid out on a bed of ice at True Chesapeake.

I forget where I read this, but at some point someone mentioned how the most important edit they make to photos is cropping (and also how great square crops are). It really has changed how much I enjoy my own photography.

September 14, 2021

Struggling to decide between 13 Mini and 13 Pro.

Mini: better colors, better size/weight, less expensive. Pro: better low light performance for dog photos, 3x zoom for dog photos.

September 13, 2021

I would really like to find a cozy cabin for some time this winter in an international dark sky area. I just want to bundle up and stare up in awe at the Milky Way with my naked eyes. I’ve never seen it before.

September 12, 2021

September 9, 2021

Are you in proximity to someone that you find impressive in some way? Do you admire some quality this person has?

Tell them. It will mean the world to them. They may not even know that anyone has noticed something they’re proud of, or may learn something new about themselves.