May 16, 2022

The mobile posting experiencing on Tumblr is so good. Every time I dip back into it, I get a little sad. Because as a product person, Tumblr is exhibit A that quality experience is not the determinant of product success.

The defining feature of every place I want to spend time in is the ability to explore and experience it without a car.

“Dunk your fries in mayo!”
“Gross. Freakin Germans.”
“Dunk your fries in aioli!”
“How wonderful! 🤤”

May 15, 2022

Area 12th floor hotel room that still lets in every noise from the street below limits the volume on the television too low to hear (and Netflix keeps crashing).

May 14, 2022

Hello, you gorgeous meat and cheese casserole!

Chicago pizza with sausage and mushrooms cross section of a slice on ar red plate.

Vacation in your 20s: can’t wait to go out late drinking! Vacation in your 30s: check out my sleep rings! 9.5hrs!

May 13, 2022

I had heard people stopped wearing masks while flying, but experiencing it is something else.

Pretty sure my MagSafe cable just shorted and died, moments after entering a hotel room to start a short trip.

Apparently not content to maintain its stranglehold over dining prior to 4pm on Sundays, brunch has infested Saturdays in Chicago.

This QR code thing doesn’t work for me. Well designed menus gave you a sense of how the service was structured and different ways to approach the meal. The constraint of small screens combined with web (v. print) design leaves me looking through a tiny window with no context.

Although Feedbin makes it relatively easy to deal with, I hate to see a dormant blog come back with a post telling me to go subscribe on Substack.

May 10, 2022

I understand the bias against solo founders. The emotional trauma of running a high growth business is real, and not being able to share that burden (and the massive incentives to not be open about it) would grind anyone to dust.

My body is not adjusting fast enough to the amount of volleyball my mind needs to play to feel good.

May 9, 2022

Sometimes I think about how the developers at work see my SQL logs and how they must weep.

Brandy has been fussy all evening. I took her out, she did her business. She had some water, she had some snacks. Finally, Elsa picked her up and put her over her shoulder and out came a huge burp.

Our dog wanted to be burped.

Wow, Jason Kottke is taking a sabbatical. Good for him. I can relate to a lot of what’s here, and as I’ve gotten older on the internet, I’ve thought a lot about how long projects can (and should) be sustained.

I… may not be reading Nona the Ninth. Not a thing I would expect to be saying post reading Gideon.