Jason Becker

Apparently we had a huge flying cockroach on the fourth floor. Where did this fucker come from? Please don’t bring friends.

Yeah, The Wonder Years covering Deadbolt is as good as everyone says.

Our new record player is here. It’s close to setup— I have to clear out a part of our TV stand/cabinet to fit it in next to the receiver and plug everything in tomorrow. Then I’ll level the turntable and get the time arm balanced. Should I play MONO - Oath or We Lost the Sea - Departure Songs first?

So we’ve just given up on inflation meaning… well… inflation, and just accept everyone says inflation but means prices, huh? And we’ll vote for people who say they’ll lower prices even though that would drive us into a deep recession?



I remember how it felt realizing I was past the age that red eyes work for me. I’m officially past the age that jet lag is no big deal. Not loving this part of aging.

Because of the way that I use RSS and social media applications, I rarely open a browser and just browse. What are the sites you head to directly in your browser every day?

I’m now writing a riff at a rate of about one per week that I want to bring to the band. It’s the most creative I’ve been in a very long time.

For the first time in my life, I have an idea for an app that would be worth learning Swift for. I don’t think I’m going to do it (yet), but now I have a project for some future sabbatical or involuntary interregnum between jobs.

So far, 37 is filled with a lot of “so, it’s just going to feel like that from now on, huh?”


A story about 5 over 1s is on the front page of Hacker News and I am exercising every ounce of restraint to not read what I am sure is a dumpster-fire comment section.

I know our trip was a success because Elsa said the magic millennial words, “I could live here.”

Planes have great airflow, but they’re also great places to add UV to clean germs. I guess the technology on planes change slow, but still surprising we didn’t see this improvement during the heights of COVID.

The treatment of transgendered youth (and adults, of course, but fucking children!) in this country is the most vile, cruel shit out there and people who think that this is something the left should bend on are not my people.

Purposely downloaded some stuff before flying onto my iPad on the Plex app. Made sure it said 100% complete before leaving. Guess what was not complete and downloaded? Sigh.

A good short post on how supply cannot solve housing costs immediately. But it also makes another key point: you’re not going to be the cost of construction with supply. We can use reform to decrease the costs of construction, but that tends to be seen as a developer handout.

Love when it’s late and I’m exceptional tired and uncomfortable after a cross country flight and the Lyft driver just doesn’t follow GPS.


Every day when I dip into online spaces I am bombarded with noise that ultimately makes me feel delighted, furious, or unremarkable.

The thing I miss most about traveling without a personal laptop is the Photos app. I just don’t enjoy it as much on the iPad. I have been thinking about whether I should get my own MacBook Air or upgrade my old iPad to 11" or even 13" iPad Pro. I don’t think the iPad is enough.

I am struggling with a few blog posts in draft right now that may never get completed. One of them is about how I’m coming to value beauty. I think there’s something twisted in Western conceptions and values of beauty that means only the rich get to live suffused with it.