I have been on the internet since the mid-90s and am one of those folks who miss the “weird” days (not the misogyny and racism). I miss the strange art projects and small communities of folks who felt like they did not fit in.

I listen to just about any music that uses rock instrumentation, from pop to post-, but I especially love anything post-. I also listen to podcasts. Movies are pretty great, too, now that I think about it. TV is okay– I prefer miniseries to the long-running stuff. Know the story you are telling, tell it, get out.

I live in Baltimore with my partner Elsa, her mother, also Elsa, and our two dogs, Gracie and Brandy. I lead design, development, and product management at Allovue, focused on helping K12 school districts plan and manage resources effectively.

I think a lot about urban development and transit policy. I walk. I love to travel. I like to wander new cities by myself. I like to sit alone at a bar and read (mostly science fiction and fantasy). I definitely want to share a meal with you. Let’s get oysters.


This site is a personal blog. On the index page, you’ll find my daily writings. They are a mix of short or “micro” posts, without titles, and long or “macro” posts, with titles. Posts are organized chronologically within day and reverse chronologically between days. In other words, the top of that page will have the first post I made on the most recent day I posted. As you read down, you will find the posts I made that day in chronological order. At some point, you will see a fresh header with the previous day. Within that header, you will find all the posts from that day.

My archives only include macro posts. That’s because I view micro blogging as ephemeral. They’re not really meaningful out of context.

I keep up a list of hardware and software I use as well as a list of the books that I read.

This blog is built using a custom Hugo template and is hosted by Micro.blog. You can read it on the web, on Micro.blog, via RSS (all posts or macro only), on your ActivityPub-compatible server using @jsonbecker@json.blog, or find my cross-posted Mastodon account (@jsonbecker@indieweb.social).