November 19, 2022

Dammit, I just figured out how I want to change my blog and I’m not good enough at CSS to sign up for this work, but now my brain is somewhat committed. Maybe I’ll learn Tailwind…

Elsa’s mom had friends over for pozole last night. Brandy was very annoyed at it being loud and boisterous. At 10:40 this morning she still doesn’t want to get out from under the blanket to go walk. She’s too tired from sleeping on the couch with strangers.

Crazy that I feel fortunate my diagnosis, hospitalization, appendectomy, and subsequent care seems to only be costing me $2200 or so out of pocket. 🇺🇸

I traveled alone to somewhere I love. I spent time in some of my favorite places. I also spent time with some friends. And it was everything I needed.

We leave behind pieces of ourselves

like clay shavings

in the places that shape us.

November 18, 2022

They got rid of nitro cold brew at my coffee shop and it may not be returning and I’m not sure I can personally recover.

“We need to hire a data science team for ad spend attribution and testing every feature in our store!”
“This person bought four items of men’s clothing. Let’s send him an email every week this fall about our new dresses!”

November 17, 2022

I feel like I’m the only person in the world who never wants the link to be versus the current version of Reddit (or even better, Apollo).

I think that the funniest part of the Jury Duty video they show at the start of service is answering “What should I wear?” – too late, buddy.

“Why do I have to wait?” The answer is literally “Yeah that sucks, but there’s lots of reasons you may need to wait.” Thanks.

I can’t help it, my solution will always be “Put it in the database,” with a sprinkling of, “Just write it in SQL.”

The only sticker I’ve ever put on my laptop.

My aesthetic is the version of the 90s portrayed on For All Mankind S3.

November 15, 2022

I’ve been on Apple Music for about 6 months after years of Spotify and let me tell you— someone needs to tell them they can make me lots of far better playlists if they just give in and do some cosine similarity work. Jimminy.

Yes this is a referral code, but I have been genuinely happy with my rebuilt wardrobe and I credit StitchFix to helping me out. Figured out what I like and even brands I like, and made finding things that fit way less difficult. So get $50 (and I’ll get $50) with this link.

November 14, 2022

I normally fill Monday mornings with meetings. Having it empty today is really teaching me why. Struggling to find where to dig in and get any kind of momentum. I think I like meetings front-loaded, because they reintroduce me to the work and make my real priorities clear.

Caveat— I’ve been outside of thinking about the big education philosophy stuff for some time and this may well be a repackaging of a core debate I read tons about and forgot.

This morning I was thinking about whether we need the schools that prepare kids for the world we have or the world we want to create. I think a fair amount of disagreement lives between these two positions. Then there’s the secondary conflict among those who want schools that prepare kids for the world we want to create, because they disagree with what that future world should be.

This came to mind reading an expert who felt it was important to look past whether a program is labeled as bilingual, English transition, or many incarnations in between when considering if an instructional program is empowering.

I’d like to see an Indieweb that spawns Horse_ebooks or dril or NYTimesPitchbot– it seems to me that the true measure of mainstream levels of ease of use is the emergence of widely popular artistic expressions.

November 13, 2022

Today I lost a Digital Ocean box I had been running, more or less, since 2009. 🫡

I have a server where if I run Caddy from a directory (caddy start) with a Caddyfile everything works fine. I have the same Caddyfile symlinked to /etc/caddy/Caddyfile and when running caddy with systemctl start caddy, nothing works. Any ideas what I might be missing?