April 5, 2021

Tomorrow is our first day of Thirdly, where our team used to get together in Baltimore and celebrate the third gone by and prepare for the next one. It just is not the same now that we do it virtually. I miss my friends.

Jason Becker

April 4, 2021

April 3, 2021

April 2, 2021

Is there any other area like transit advocacy, where alternative options seem largely agreed upon by policy advocates that are never addressed or critiqued at all by politicians or the bureaucracy? Transit agency decisions are just baffling.

Jason Becker

You know you’ve reached the end of the internet when you’re watching YouTube videos dissecting The Smiths.

Jason Becker

April 1, 2021

New in M.b plugin Glightbox– images in galleries are resized to 260px thumbnails (click for full size) using a M.b native API.

Head to plug ins and search and click install to get the new version. Note: the thumb option no longer works.

Jason Becker

Slave-owners were particularly afraid of allowing democratic control over property because they were literally afraid of their property. They were haunted by the threat of slave insurrections, as well as foreign armies turning their slaves into enemy soldiers through offers of freedom (as the British had recently done). Einhorn concludes that “if property rights have enjoyed unusual sanctity in the United States, it may be because this nation was founded in a political situation in which the owners of one very significant form of property thought their holdings were insecure.”

How Slavery Shaped American Capitalism

Perhaps the only piece I’ve read in Jacobin that I’ve liked.

Jason Becker

March 31, 2021

Great article about two restaurants in Providence struggling to survive during the pandemic while being safe and fair to workers and patrons.

Jason Becker

One of many wrenching stories I could be sharing today. Read about how a demifemme in tech feels forced into feeling dysphoria or feeling ineffective in their job. She describes an environment I am often a part of, and struggle to dismantle in myself and my workplace daily.

Jason Becker

My kryptonite? Remembering I’m supposed to ask how you’re doing after you ask me the same.

Jason Becker

March 28, 2021

I’ve never felt as attacked by an app as Slack notifying me every time someone reacts to my message and no setting to turn this off.

Their answer to me was, “Sometimes a reaction is as important as an @ message.”

No, no it’s not. Ever. For anyone. I promise.

Jason Becker

Yesterday for Seder I nailed a roast beef. Tonight, I nailed a 9-pound chicken. Both were ready as we hit meal time, so not only were they not overcooked, they were hot when they hit the table.

So yeah, I think I’m done here.

Jason Becker

March 27, 2021

March 25, 2021

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Francine has gone from dropping leaves to this.

A single leaf beginning to bud on my fiddle leaf fig tree.
Jason Becker

I’m having surgery next week and will not be able to look at screens for several days afterwards. I’m trying so hard to save up all my podcasts.

Jason Becker

My lack of interest in the genre of musical theater may have something to do with not caring about lyrics 1 and not being particularly interested in vocal performance.

  1. I don’t even like poetry. [return]
Jason Becker

March 24, 2021

What Leno gets wrong is exactly the headline, “In my heart, I knew it was wrong.”

This quote is more honest:

“At the time I did those jokes, I genuinely thought them to be harmless.”

That’s real. What he thought was wrong, and he should have figured out that he was wrong sooner, and today he knows that.

Forgiveness requires contrition. And I do believe that Leno is contrite, but that’s not for me to decide. We’re doomed if we cannot find a way to forgive anyone for any transgression in society, but we (largely white men) also need to do a better job. We need to learn faster and better, by listening more often and more closely. Part of that is learning how to apologize.

Leno said things in the past that he thought were funny. He thought they did not create harm, directly or indirectly. He failed to listen to peoples’ pain, and he failed to consider their pain or impact adequately before making these statements to begin with. We all do this at times, especially when we’re young, though hopefully not so much by the time we’re adult professionals.

Own it. Be wrong. There was no “In my heart, I knew it was wrong.” You didn’t feel anything in your heart at all about it. If you did, it would mean that your empathy was triggered and there’s no way you would have made those jokes, or stood behind them when called out.

I have said terrible things I wish I could forget. But worse, I have said terrible things I have forgotten because in my heart, they meant nothing to me. I feel sadly certain that I will do so again.

I am sorry. I hope I learn better, faster. But when my heart knows anything at all, it prevents me from making those mistakes. That’s its job.

Jason Becker