Jason Becker

I announce I’m taking a walk or having a snack or stepping away from my desk with a sudden flurry of various funny links sent to mostly people I work with.

Remove the charitable donation tax deduction and set inheritance tax at 100%, on a sliding scale from $10M to $20M.

Easiest, most fair way to increase revenues I can think of.

Elsa, seeing me on r/guitarpedals, “You don’t need any more pedals.”
Me, “I’ll have you know, I’m avoiding buying a used pedal, available locally, that I’ve been considering to replace one I have.”
Elsa, “Like the new big box was supposed to replace the old big box?” (in reference to my amp(s)).


There are so many moments that hit me deep in my chest on The West Wing. But Toby saying, “She means Jewish.” S1E1.

Elsa refers to The West Wing as “brain rot for men”, because “How many men on the internet believe they talk like this?”

“We did not lose Texas because of the hat joke. Do you know when we lost Texas?”

“When you learned Latin?”


Is there a luxury bathroom vent fan? I feel like mine is loud/unpleasant and this seems like the kind of thing that no one tells you costs $300 to get a silent Japanese version that pumps twice the air.


Not yet secured down and fully wired, but this is what I’m thinking for the current State of the Board.

A pedalboard setup with various guitar effects pedals including: Wampler Ethereal (Delay and Reverb), Akai Headrush (Looper/Delay), Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 (Power Supply), D’Addario Chromatic Tuner.

How could any designer at Apple add a place you can use emoji and omit search? Insane.

I’m pretty sure one of my expensive ASUS routers just died. It’s been a little over three years since I dumped an increasingly complex and low performing Ubiquiti system. No matter how much I spend or how much effort I put in, home networking with 4 floors and ethernet everywhere sucks.

Ugh, the only Walgreens slated to close in the whole state is the one I can see from my house. Sucks to lose a convenient pharmacy.


Nothing is more disappointing than seemingly finding a cool new-to-you blog and seeing the last post was in 2022.

Don’t build blogs like this. (Notably, this is the second time in the last year I’ve come across a blog without RSS)

A modal dialog in standard macOS style, with the text, “Unable to Subscribe. Reeder could not find a feed at the specified location.”

I’m thinking about a Facebook account for the first time in years. Craigslist is no longer filled with guitar and stereo equipment posted by women whose husbands don’t know they’re about to be divorced.

Do we think that Apple would ever consider a proper package manager? Homebrew really does mostly just work, but there’s a lot about it that makes me uncomfortable.

I know people like Eleventy, but its docs page immediately reminded me of why I hate the javascript ecosystem. “Here, choose any of 15 different templating languages!”


Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire was a very good Ghostbusters movie. I don’t know, maybe because I was born in 87 and grew up with this stuff, but that was exactly what I want. Then again, I feel that way about … all of them?

I waited for it to cool down so I could try and scrape this adhesive off of my pedal board. A cool cool 85F at 9:35pm. Dewpoint is 75F still. Feels like 92F. Fuck this shit.

The gel spray Goo Gone is good.


Around the time I started at Allovue I started tracking my travel with TripIt. There are a lot of advantages– most importantly, the quality calendar syncing with information like check in times and addresses of hotels, flight time, and flight information. One of those advantages is I have a lot of data, particularly about my flying. 1

I am not sure that all of this data is 100% accurate– I may have missed a cancelled trip or leg along the way when I had to move things around– but to a first approximation, these stats are pretty good. And what’s even better is that my favorite flight tracking app, Flighty, syncs with TripIt and provides great summaries.

The very first flight I tracked was on Jun 27, 2014, when Elsa and I flew from my parents in New York (LGA, before it was nice) to Fort Lauderdale to meet up with her family before flying to Port Au Prince, to visit more of her family. So this post has some fun facts from 10 years of flying.

I have been on 447 flights totaling 443,966 miles (714,494 kilometers).

My total flight time was 48 days and 11 hours across 76 distinct airports and 12 airlines.

Wednesday is the day I fly the most– having racked up over 100 flights.

November is the month I fly the most at just under 75 flights. I travel the least in January– under 25 flights, followed by June and then December.

2016 was the peek of my flying at 72 total flights. Unsurprisingly, 2020 was the year I flew the least– though I still managed to take 8 flights before the COVID lockdowns and by 2021 I took 24 flights.

My longest flight was JFK (New York) to TPE (Taipei) clocking in at 7,794 miles.

My average flight time was just 2 hours and 26 minutes– I suspect this is so low because of the amount of Providence to Baltimore and back flights I’ve done, as well as quite a few Baltimore to Midway (Chicago).

I have flown in or out of BWI 320 times– the next closest airport is Providence at 91 times.

I have flown Southwest 395 of the 477 flights for a whopping 82.8% of all air travel (how’s that for loyalty!).

I have flown 210 distinct routes, with the most common, unsurprisingly, being PVD to BWI (at 42) and BWI to PVD (37). It’s pretty obvious that moving to Baltimore in 2016 had a profound impact on my flying.

I’ve only been to 11 countries in this time, which makes me sad, and shows how flying a ton domestically has reduced my time and energy for international travel.

I’ve lost 73 hours to delays, with 172 flights out of 477 (36%) having some kind of delayed arrival. But actually, 60% of my flights arrived early, so the “net” of delays and early arrivals is 8 hours and 37 minutes of delays.

The newest plane I flew on was just 25 days old, whereas the oldest was 31 years old, with an average age of 18 years old.

  1. I am pretty much never tracking long car rides or trips involving Amtrak on TripIt. It’s less useful in those situations. The fact that I grew up and continue to have my family in the NYC metro area and have lived in Providence and Baltimore over this time period, I have spent quite a bit of time on the road or on trains between Richmond, VA and Boston, MA in this same time frame. ↩︎


Last new pedal day for a bit. Maybe.

A guitar effects pedal labeled “Ethereal” with delay and reverb functions, positioned on a textured blue surface. It has five rotary knobs labeled Feedback, Tone, Delay Mix, Delay, and Reverb Mix. The pedal is connected with red cables.

The commit message? “Thanks, I hate it.”

The function doc (line 1)? “I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

My VP of Engineering is going to come back from vacation filled with reasons you don’t let the Chief Product Officer write code.