Jason Becker

Sometimes with a little time and distance I realize things are less serious.

My fear and anxiety and certainty that this is very, very bad has only grown stronger.


My resolutions this year did not include three women justices turning into Hodor.

As ever, Mastodon will reinvent something that already exists and solves problems their implementation does not, but because something something “FEDIVERSE IS GREAT”, I assume this will now become yet another new standard. Well, not standard, as it won’t be in a standard for a long time.


Another dark day.

Another thing we will “both sides”.

Another reason to have fear for what the remainder of my lifetime will be like, instead of hope.

I’m rarely one to defend Meta, but if charging users in lieu of personalized ads is illegal, then the EU is kind of off its rocker. At that point, just make all targeting advertising illegal.

It is perfectly reasonable to offer consumers the choice between paying or targeted ads.

I don’t always fuck my git, but when I do, I’m so thankful for git reflog.


It feels like Baltimore outside in Baltimore and I don’t like it.

I’m thinking about getting rid of this pedal after… 16 years. But the insides are just so pretty, maybe I’ll hold onto it.

The image displays the inside of a guitar effects pedal labeled “Monsterpiece Fuzz 2 Headed Monster.” The enclosure is open, revealing electronic components, including potentiometers, resistors, capacitors, and wiring. The cover features a handwritten signature.

I think Biden’s poll numbers will look deceptively strong these next two weeks. Those of us who understand the stakes are going to be desperate to show our support and be more likely to answer a poll.

I’m not done with Season 3 yet, but my take on The Bear:

Season 1: who are they? Season 2: who are they trying to become? Season 3: why are they? What’s at stake?

I saw the title “A Curiously Short Episode” for The Talk Show and went, “well… it can’t be Jason Snell, it’s probably John Moltz.”

Nailed it.

The people who think season 3 of The Bear is no good are people who are looking for something completely different than I am.

Fuck, I said I wasn’t going to read it and then I did. The Slate review of The Bear Season 3 is a terrible take. Like most terrible take, it can be summed up as, “They didn’t make the show I wanted them to make.”


I’m about to leave my first 1 star review on Lyft.

First new pedal day of the week. I was looking for a modulation effect. I was not looking for dirt. But damn, BSRI has amazing dirt pedals.

Two guitar effect pedals on a dark wooden surface. The left pedal is labeled “Magawa” with controls for Volume, Contour, Filter, and Texture, and the text “Baltimore Sonic Research Institute.” The right pedal is labeled “Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter” with controls for velocity, width, enhance, intensity, and range. It is also from Baltimore Sonic Research Institute.

After years of using Firefly as my devices theme, I’ve renamed everything for where it goes. My devices are now:

  • In My Ears
  • On My Wrist
  • In My Pocket
  • On My Desk
  • In My Bag
  • At the Couch

They overturned Chevron. The destruction of the 20th century American state is complete, and we’re going to enter dark times of a somehow tyrannical and sclerotic government all at once, left to the whims of an unaccountable judiciary that has destroyed institutional legitimacy.

We’re going to talk about Joe Biden being old today instead of the complete restructuring of American government structure at the hands of this court, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Judicial activism is going to be just fine now that Trump loaded the judiciary with Aileen Cannons.

So now we’re going to need courts as large as the administrative state since they’re going to have to decide on everything? Seriously, I can’t even picture how far this decision can take us.

Mars Express was excellent. I wish I had caught it in theaters.