It has been said a thousand times before, but I feel the need to say it again. So much of what Star Wars got right was creating a fully realized, fascinating world. As much as stunning visual effects that have largely stood the test of time were a part of that story, it was how Star Wars sounded that is most remarkable.

Watch that trailer. It has moments that look an awful lot like Star Wars– vast dunes in the middle of the desert, the Millenium Falcon speeding along, flipping at odd angles emphasizing its unique flat structure. But it also has a lot of elemetns that are decidedly modern and not Star Wars like. 1 I think what’s most remarkable is I can close my eyes and just listen. Immediately I can hear Star Wars. The sounds of Star Wars are not just iconic, they are deeply embedded in my psyche and embued with profound meaning.

I first had the opportunity to see Star Wars on the big screen it was during the release of the “Special Editions”. There is nothing like hearing Star Wars in a theater.

  1. Shakey-cam is the primary culprit. ↩︎