When I think about the legacy of politicians, I think about the growth of my personal political consciousness. It is hard to show up for every issue, harder still stay ahead and find ways to hold the right views, right-away all the time.

Reflecting on my own growth, I have almost never regretted or changed a viewpoint that was informed primarily by exercising maximum empathy. Now I try and lead with this wherever possible, and I hope this heuristic means I make less mistakes.

But the truth is, right now, this very moment, I am certainly complicit, if not actively engaging, in some harm being done in the world. I am not aware enough, doing enough, or have taken what I will one day see as clearly the wrong stance on some issue.

Forgiveness is a lot to ask for, so instead I hope we can still have empathy for those who are not yet on the right side of history.

I hoped to be judged for where my heart lies, now and at the end, for the journey I go through and it’s destination, not for the waypoints, many of which I will grow to be ashamed of.