With one HomePod, I though the sound was pretty good, but a bit small. I have lots of great “big speakers” around and I was impressed with the sound from a small, mono source. But with two, I have really noticed the wide sound stage and room filling effect.

Unfortunately, I also realize how strange the voicing of these speakers are. There’s definitely something plinky at the edge of the high end. There are some tracks that actually almost sound like popping on the HomePod. Then there’s also what I’m perceiving as a scoop somewhere in the low mids, but it could also be a boost in the high mids. There are just some frequencies that feel like they’re missing and hollowed out.

The bass is impressive and not false at all. These things move air and sound good and don’t give out.

I didn’t realize until a friend told me that the HomePod is basically a single down firing woofer and 8 tweeters. That’s kind of what the HomePod sounds like— I wish it was 1/3 taller and had four drivers around the main body with four tweeters able and one down firing woofer. That would sound amazing I’m sure.