A quick inventory of things I currently subscribe to (prices per year):

  1. Washington Post ($48)
  2. Netflix ($132)
  3. Hulu ($144)
  4. DirecTV Now (mostly for my mother-in-law) ($180)
  5. Amazon Prime ($99)
  6. Spotify ($180)
  7. Overcast ($10)
  8. Setapp ($120)
  9. Six Colors ($60)
  10. Digital Ocean ($60)
  11. Slate Plus ($59)
  12. Micro.blog ($60)
  13. iCloud Drive ($120)
  14. The Incomparable ($60)
  15. Feedbin ($30)
  16. Backblaze ($60)

Total: $1,422

I think I might be missing a few things. The overall cost there is not insignificant, but I have a hard time knowing what I’d cut. Right now, I’d say the three most vulnerable are The Incomparable (I listen a lot less than I used to), Digital Ocean (I could probably just use Netlify), and Micro.blog (I could just use this Hugo site with title-less micro posts).

I’ve saved about $720 a year by cutting the cord and not having traditional cable, which pays for items 2-6. That makes me feel a little better about the considerable chunk of money I’m spending on these services. I think I’d like to support more journalism then I do. I’ve been toying with getting an Ars Technica membership for a while. It’s one of the few sites I’ve read for literally more than a decade and still really like. And if the Agenda app sticks (I just started using it a few weeks ago), then I think I’m likely going to shell out for the subscription.

Honestly, I’m already feeling the subscription fatigue settle in. How many more $5 per month can I afford