Earlier this year I said that my two of my most vulnerable subscriptions were Digital Ocean and Micro.blog. My reasoning was that I could just run my Hugo site using the free tier of Netlify.

Since then, Micro.blog has switched to being powered by Hugo. Today I re-did my Micro.blog to match my Hugo site, and even got all the posts on json.blog posted here.

There’s a bit less flexibility, for now, using Hugo on Micro.blog, but there’s a huge added benefit– I now have a site that works with the Micropub API. I can post from mobile using the Micro.blog app and others and use MarsEdit on my Mac instead of writing in a text editor, pushing to Git, ssh-ing into a server, pulling from git, and then building my Hugo site. Now, of course with the Netlify solution I would just have to do the first push to Github, but still, I have way easier ways to write blog posts now.

I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to shutdown micro.json.blog and just have my Micro.blog be json.blog going forward, but it’s looking fairly likely that’s where I am headed.