Our government is:

  1. Suppressing the vote of the opposition.
  2. Threatening and inciting violent militias to rise up against the opposition.
  3. Increasing protectionism and economic isolation through tariffs while subsidizing domestic industry (largerly farmers) for their losses.
  4. Pushes for a white, Christian, cis, hetero monoculture.
  5. Worships their current leader, believing he cannot do any wrong.
  6. Worships the cops as always acting in the best interest of True Citizens and the cornerstone of our society.
  7. Actively gerrymanders (as do dems, but less completely) to ensure minority party rule, and goes even further so as to strip power from statewide offices during lame duck sessions when the opposition wins.
  8. Believes in violence as a core method to secure their ends, using it to project power at home and abroad.

Now read the introduction to the Fascism article on Wikipedia.

Can anyone honestly say that Trumpism is not fascism?

Our only hope to escape this fate is for democrats to decisively take the White House and the Senate and for their to be a peaceful transition in power, Hopefully, the win will be so decisive that the GOP will abandon Trumpism. But if we cannot achieve that, then the narrow Democrat victory must enact a series of structural forms to end minoritarianism.

If the Democrats lose, then I’m afraid we’ve lost the country and the damage will become irrevocable and accelerate.