As an elder millenial, I am now in that perfect age to see:

  1. How much the world has changed in just the last 15 years;
  2. How much I have changed in the last 15 years;
  3. How little all the areas I have chosen to engage in any form of activism have changed in the last 15 years.

I now am forced to wonder if we’ll make any progress on the problems I care about, or if instead, my only real hope is new problems eclipse them in importance.

It’s not like nothing gets better by any stretch, but there’s so much stagnation. So many battles are fought on an inter-generational timescale.

It’s easy to see how more committed activists burn out, and even easier to see why some despair so hugely at a single loss. Sometimes losing a single battle ends any hope that they will live to see the change they fight for in this world.