Yesterday my friend came to me for advice. Afterwards, they told me that I was, “…a wonderful friend… I’m very grateful for you.”

My response was, “It’s a mitzvah to exercise being a friend.”

Here’s what I meant. Strictly, a mitzvah is a commandment–something we’re told we must do (or must not do). But a mitzvah is also a blessing. Each time we perform a mitzvah, it is an opportunity to act with meaning and to achieve something important. Performing a mitzvah is a holy act, whereby holy I mean that it is separated from normal. It is a chance to act with distinction from the mundane.

I am not always the best version of myself. None of us are. I don’t always take the opportunity to seize a moment to act with intentionality and purpose. So when a friend comes to me for support and I’m able to provide it, wholly, honestly, and without flubbing it up because I misread the cues or just am not who they need, it’s deeply fulfilling.

What is better than offering some part of yourself to strengthen others? What higher purpose can there be?

I am glad to hear that I was a good friend, but I am happier to have had the opportunity to be that friend. I wish I had more; it’s something I’d like to get really good at.

Taken from my DayOne journal, but I decided to share it publicly after some consideration.