We’re going on vacation this weekend. I’m heading out to the woods to hang out in a beautiful cabin near the mountains just prior to ski season. There won’t be much to do and that’s the point.

This is a break. Not travel, but rest, before the start of holidays 1 and the end of year rush.

I have no plans. I’m bringing some books and maybe a few magazines. We’ll probably make hot chocolate or something.

Maybe I should buy a Lego set or pack a board game (got any two player games you like?). But mostly, I’m hoping for the kind of intentional quiet that recharges the body and leads to some genuine creativity.

There will be no work communication, no frenzied distracted days. If I choose to do something, it will be with my complete attention, something I am sorely missing these days.

And hopefully there will be some great pictures.

  1. Did you know that Chanukah is inappropriately early this year? Do not approve. ↩︎