I use the LG Ultrafine 5K every day. I bought it about four and a half years ago for $750 (and I bought a second one that Elsa now uses for $650 off of Woot). At the time, I couldn’t believe it sold for $999 new and yet, there seem to be no reasonable competition.

Years later, and I have two problems: horrible image retention and the monitor market has only gotten worse.

Every computer screen I look at has been high DPI for 5 years. Every mobile screen for even longer. It’s just shocking to me that the whole market has decided that high DPI doesn’t matter. I can’t imagine going backwards.

But here I am, with my LG monitor, with image retention bugging me daily, and what are the options?

Drop twice was much money as I spent the first time for a monitor no one seems to care about and never got better? I get that gamers are driving the market today, but I’ve never been more convinced Apple was wrong to get out of this market.