Last week I had my appendix removed. It was not an experience I enjoyed.

I had to cancel two trips, my volleyball league and pickup games, and my gym membership, but luckily the appendectomy was more than 4 weeks before we plan to head to Mexico City for the winter. The big trip remains on, as scheduled, and I should be mostly recovered by the time we leave. Right now I’m mostly fighting late afternoon/early evening fatigue and sudden reminders that I still have holes and stitches in my abdomen.

I finally gave in on YouTube Premium– the ads were just too much– though I wish I could cut something out to reduce my monthly bills. If it weren’t for Elsa and her mom, I think Netflix would be top of my chopping block, which is remarkable.

Lately I’ve been itching for a new creative project. I’m not sure if it’ll be writing or music, tactile or technical. I’ve spent the year getting back in touch with the joy of being present in my body and putting in physical effort. Work takes up all the mental space and energy. With an eye toward what I want for 2023, I am starting to consider if there’s some way I can bring creativity into my life so that I can have mental joy outside of work the way I’ve found physical joy.

I’ve got a domain I’m itching to use for something.

Oh yeah, and we finally went to Cuba, with a trip originally booked for May 2020 as a gift to Elsa’s mom for Christmas 2019.