Artists have periods. During these periods, they create a certain kind of project and it runs its course. Then after a time of exploration, they often being creating again, producing a very different kind of art. Sometimes, they never make art again.

That seems almost impossible as a “creator” online today. The business model is fundamentally about broadcasting, in volume, with consistency.

Maybe this is more specific to “influencers”, but I don’t think so. Think of educational video makers on YouTube. Think of podcasters on episode 500. Think of paid newsletter writers. Think most blogs.

I think these projects need to have an end, or at least ending needs to be an easier option. There needs to be a healthy way to transition away when a project is done and the creativity has been thoroughly wrung out. I am not even sure we know how to talk about these things ending and let folks move on in a healthy way.

I can think of some prominent projects (in my corner) that came to an end. Every Frame a Painting. Minimal Mac. Hypercritical. But ending is the exception, and not the rule.

Being able to mark some thing as complete and move on, much like creating ephemeral, feels counter to our current cultural technology on the web.