DayOne has turned out to be the perfect travel journal. There’s not a lot I want to write about while in Mexico, but Elsa and I did want to keep track of where we ate.

I thought about using various geotagging services, but very few are private. Those that are, well, kind of stink. But I’ve been making entries with pictures and taking advantage of DayOne’s great support for geotagging to record most of our meals here in Mexico City. When making DayOne entries, your location is recorded. This way you know where you are, the weather, and other facts while writing an entry. One killer feature is that when I add photos to my entries, DayOne will prompt to ask if I want to change the entry date and location to match the date and location of the photo. This means I can take pictures inside a restaurant, museum, park, or store I like and not worry about making a journal entry in the moment. I can come back days later and still get the correct date, time, and location for my entry.

I have a private map of all the places I’ve been. Since CDMX is likely going to continue to be a fairly regular destination, it’s easy to keep track of favorites and make sure we try new things.

When I started using DayOne I wasn’t sure what it would be for. Over the years I just keep finding new ways to use it. It’s not just one thing for me. None of my favorite tools are.