My nephew is 5. Im 33F. A few months ago he asked me, “Auntie Franny, are you a grown-up?” I got really quiet, cautiously looked around, put my finger to my mouth and told him, “I’m still a kid, but you can’t tell anyone because no one knows."

His eyes got huge and he loudly whispered, “I KNEWIT!!!"

Now every time I see him, he comes up to me at some point and whispers, “Don’t worry, I haven’t told them.” Then proceeds to ask more question about my life as a secret kid.

And every time I’m video chatting with him and my sister, he sneaks an obvious wink, and I wink back, and only we know what that wink means. And to this day, he is the only person that knows I’m still a kid and that I’ve been faking it all this time.