I still watch just about anything Star Wars live action. But just like I never clicked with Clone Wars, I really didn’t care for Ahsoka. Removing the fandom context, I have no idea why I should care about Ahsoka, Ezra, Sabine, or Thrawn. Ahsoka (the character) was more effective when used in The Mandalorian as the sudden appearance of a Jedi than in her own show.

I am interested in what’s going on with Baylan Skoll and whatever he is seeking– a new galaxy connected only in the distant past to the one we know is a great idea! – but Ahsoka the show seems to think it’ll have 50 episodes to unveil that story at this pace. I have no idea who the Nighsisters are or what magick is in relation to The Force (presumably it’s the same?), but that seems like it could be interesting. Ahsoka (the show) doesn’t seem to think so.

The folks making Star Wars don’t always seem to be interested in the same things that I am.