I was surprised Bix’s take that POSSE has It Backwards, especially because this part:

Ultimately, the future would be better served through feeds and microformats making anyone’s website subscribable through any site or service. It’s something I thought about when conceiving my asocial networking site Currently: let anyone “subscribe via URL” if the owner of a now-like page didn’t themselves also have a Currently account.

Writers should only have to worry about the writing, and reader software or whatever sort or kind should allow people to subscribe to whatever they want

To me, this is precisely how POSSE operates. I post to my blog. From there, there are multiple ways readers can read:

  1. RSS Feed
  2. JSON Feed
  3. Micro.blog feed
  4. Bluesky feed
  5. Mastodon Feed
  6. ActivityPub Subscription.

Each of these are just feeds that folks can subscribe to that I make available. The goal for me is “let people read my stuff from wherever they read things, while from my perspective, there’s one post and one source of truth”.

Some folks will never do an RSS subscription— that’s ok, my website makes feeds available where people want to read. It’s all coming from one feed though.

I want to make it easy for me to write— so I write in one place. I want to make it easy for people to read— so I let my feed syndicate as widely as is feasible.

I’ve seen lots of folks with takes I just don’t get when it comes to syndicating posts. Mostly around some idea of implied reciprocity or presence, as though the idea of “bots” or “websites” versus “people” accounts haven’t been around for a long time. I don’t really get it myself.