The Marvels misfire is about the rusting of a platinum brand that’s in need of some serious –not polishing, rather, resurfacing.

I think this is spot on, though I disagree with much of what’s written in Deadline about The Marvels’ disappointing box office.

Disney flooded the zone with crap to get Disney+ up and running. Both Star Wars and Marvel have been deeply, creatively mismanaged. Ms. Marvel was a treasure, and absolutely among the best shows on Disney+. But like Andor, being surrounded by mediocrity is not a recipe for audience success.

And so The Marvels comes out with characters that lack the audience they should have, amidst a series of movies and TV shows that were just not worth watching, to an audience that has been taught it’s ok to wait, without any actor support due to the strike.

Unfortunately, the most likely outcome is Disney learns the wrong lessons here.