I have grand plans for tomorrow, hopefully starting with the remediation crew coming in the morning, telling us that my office and mother-in-law’s room are both dry enough to remove the blowers and dehumidifiers. I assume they will move on to ripping up my dining room and running all the equipment in there.

By then, I hope a roofing company will have picked up the phones and scheduled time to come repair the cause of the leaks ASAP so I can have a reconstruction crew come and fix things.

Meanwhile, Elsa will have gotten Brandy an coveted, expensive, appointment with the dog groomers.

Because we completed all this in the morning and everyone is out the door, we can head out and buy a new range hood.

Lastly, I’ll pack for our two-night away Philly-cation.

Oh, and maybe I’ll finish the last book for my reading goal.