Seems appropriate for today in Baltimore.

So I ordered a second by mistake. Tastes like sangria, but made with mezcal. Uh oh.

Mezcal-based drink that looks like sangria

Ordering seven tacos felt like a great idea.

Overloaded tacos with al pastor and chorizo

The horchata was incredible and almost makes up for Mexico’s standardization on Coke Zero (sin azucar) instead of Diet Coke (light).

Horchata in the background; glass of Coke Zero in the foreground.

I’m always struck by the horrible decision American cities made to reduce green space in the core street grid, favoring parks with manicured lawns over old growth trees in embedded public squares.

Trees surrounding a path with a fountain in the Zócalo.

You like garlic bread? How about when I add some roast beef and pepper jack?

No matter how many times I tell her, Gracie doesn’t mind that begging me for snacks for hours isn’t very lady like.

Gracie and Brandy on my lap on the couch.

I love how mascs wear “compression pants” and femmes wear “leggings”.

The Office, 'It's the same picture,' meme.

I added deli mustard and Aardvark hot sauce to the just ok yogurt-based dressing I have. Perfection.

Salad with romaine, red peppers, tomatos, olives, cucumber, grilled chicken, and a speckled, creamy dressing.