Should have cleaned up before pictures. Missing: my amp, which is in the shop for as much as five weeks. Needed: more books, a light for the bookshelf, and probably another plant on the bookshelf. Overall, pretty happy with where things are about 16 months after I took over this room.

So I think I’m going to move this light bar to the other corner and get some kind of light fixture on my new (to the office, this was the cookbook holder) office bookshelf. Any recommendations?

My office bookshelf, half full, with a light pole behind.

We were staying around the corner from Kokoro here in Tulum without even knowing it— there’s a sign up against jungle foliage with a path and no further explanation. But at night, the path is lit up with string lights, inviting and mysterious. We wandered down the path and found the first pool I’ve seen that actually feels lagoon-like, and a Japanese restaurant with a grill on the first floor and sushi on the mezzanine.

If a sushi place looks pretty good, I’m almost always going to go for the omakase. So we decided to make reservations and return the following night to check it out.

What followed was a wonderful meal, most of which is pictured here 1. The toro sashimi and toro nigiri with black truffle were particularly special, as was the quail egg and nori “taco”. It’s a privilege to be able to take vacations, and it’s even more of a privilege to be able to find a restaurant like this and let the chef do whatever they want. These are the experiences I treasure.

  1. I am not perfect. I often eat before I take a picture, leaving some holes on plates or missing entire dishes because I am lost in the food. I am human. [return]