It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page. My intent was to keep this a place to check in roughly quarterly, but the last 14 months have made a lot of intentions go out the window.

Some things happening now:

  • I decided to go back to small group training at the gym, feeling confident in their protocols and my own protection due to having received the vaccine. After a month, the results have been great, both physical and mental.
  • We have booked a vacation. I will be getting on a plane for the first time in about a month.
  • I went to a restaurant and sat for dinner, indoors, for the first time.
  • When I have extra time and brain space, I’m trying to make my way through some Elixir courses.
  • Some things I might have blogged or shared publicly in some way in the past I am now redirecting to Day One.
  • I have entirely stopped posting to Instagram in favor of posting photos here.
  • A while back I added a Uses page that I’m trying to keep up to date.

I still feel like my world is uneven. There are still stutter steps and false starts. Many of the changes of the past year linger on, some permanent, others hard to shake off. I don’t know if I think the rest of 2021 will feel normal or better, but I’m hoping.

Current Home Screen

iOS Home Screen

I feel like home screens require some more explanation these days. The widget on the top has both Carrot Weather and Fantastical. The smaller widget has Lose It with my remaining calories and macros in the stack as well. I do have a “page 2”, and that page has an expanded, agenda-style widget from Fantastical on top and the 8 Siri Suggestion apps widget on bottom.

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